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The Advancer is an alternative lending platform, We provide collateral free credit solutions
to Nigerian salary earners offering an efficient, speedy, dependable loaning service entirely online.
Users can secure assured advances or request project financing in minutes.

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Who and what is The Advancer?

The Advancer is your one stop, online solution to those cash flow crises that occur between pay days. We see ourselves as your trendy credit provider you can always count on.

How do you ensure I payback?

We have partnered with a payment processor to take care of repayments. Once your application is approved your account or debit card is authorized for scheduled repayments.

How much interest will I pay?

The Advancer charges a flat rate of 7.5% monthly interest irrespective of how much you borrow. There are no additional or hidden fees and The Advancer does not charge any penalties for late payments or delayed salaries.

What essential documents must I provide?

Your application should be supported by a clear scanned copy of your National ID, Employee ID and a proof of salary for the last 3 months.